Solid Snake box

A very easy, but brilliant papercraft. This very papercraft can be seen in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a trophy. On the front you could notice snakes eyes, and if you flip the trophy over, you can see his whole body in the box, waiting to get out.

Trophy Description:
A common, run-of-the-mill cardboard box that is somehow very effective at preventing detection by enemies. Hide inside it and enemies will walk on by. But put it somewhere too odd and you’ll be discovered. You can move while in the box, but if anyone sees the box moving, you’re in trouble. Both Liquid and Solid Snake have a deep affection for cardboard.

Snake Box

By mastermind777 via the NintendoPapercraft forum


  1. Anonymous


    The Snake box won’t save
    I when to save as. But the no image showing up to print out

  2. Kuroi Senshi

    I have the same problem. You only get to see 1 black pixel when you saved it. I however printed the page in Internet Explorer so I could still built it, but you get a rather small snake in a box then. :(

  3. Anonymous

    this is very simple, and i love it. its cool to show to friends, and it looks nice on by desk.

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