Here’s a Pokemon Black and White model from the Tenpepakura blog.

Snivy (formerly called Tsutarja or Smugleaf by fans before the official English translation) is a Grass-type starter Pokemon in the Unova Region. It appears as a green and cream coloured lizard-snake mix with a pointy snout, wry expression, yellow markings and a collar-like structure around its neck. On its tail grows a large three pronged leaf.

Info from Bulbapedia

The model is a simple design, with some instruction photos available on the original Japanese site here.

Download Here

There hasn’t been many Pokemon crafts posted for a long time. If you need your fill, then the best place is probably Paperpokes run by several old forum members of Nintendo Papercraft. I might post some ‘key’ models of theirs here like they used to do, since the category is getting neglected.


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