SNES Console

This one is kinda old, but I decided to post it nonetheless for Archive purposes. For many people, the SNES was the best Nintendo console, since it had so many great RPG’s playable. The SNES became te best selling console in the 16-bit area.

So you don’t have a SNES, but you seriously want one? Well here it is! It won’t work on your television though. Bad luck. But it will look awesome on your papercraft collection!
Photo and Papercraft by Ryo007 .


  1. Anonymous

    Cool but can you try Super NES EURO version ?? Familiar to Super Famicom JAPAN. The USA you have is ugly but your creative is awesome.

  2. micro_art

    really awesome i make many cartridges and paste many games and it would be better if you could make the super famicom(japanese super n

  3. Anonymous

    Great job guys! I’m lucky enough to own an NES AND a SNES; my grandparents gave me my mom and my uncle’s systems; I also got a original GameBoy and an Atari 2600 from them.

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