This is PK with another awesome model, this time by the hand of my good friend PMF.

Smeargle secretes a fluid from its tail, which can be used as paint. Smeargle is the only Pokémon known to express itself in an artistic fashion. Smeargle is also the only Pokémon that can learn any move permanently thanks to its signature move, Sketch. Awesome, right?!

This is his entry for our PoKéMoN contest!

A note from PMF:

“There’s also 21 different textures with it, so you can chose pretty much any colors for the paint.
Only 6 pages and 20 cm high (8 inches).”



And one last thing…


  1. Anonymous

    I’m sorry, but as you may well know, jigglypuff also expresses itself artistically, by singing.

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