Skyward Sword Link

Unless another extension is given the Super Mario contest will be coming to a close on the 26th July. If you’ve got an entry that’s been secret until now, then please post soon in the submission thread on the forum!

In other news, today’s model is Skyward Sword Link by the Paperzelda team. This model is a modified version of Twilight Princess’ Link, which has been re-textured to match Link’s more colourful appearance for the up and coming Zelda game for the Wii later this year (personally I can’t wait!).

In this game Link lives on the floating island of Skyloft, with his adventure being kick started by the kidnapping of one of his classmates, Zelda (who as far as we know isn’t a princess this time). Link must travel between the island and different areas of Hyrule below with the aid of Phi, the humanoid representation of the Skyward Sword.

Download Here

(quite a few credits for this one)

Model ripping by Sora243
Editing and Template by Paperlegend
Textures by TwilightLink
Picture by Sgonzales22