Skull Kid

It’s finally there! After months of waiting for this awesome papercraft, you can finally build it! THE SKULL KID!

My favourite character in Majora’s Mask for sure! He got this awesome dark atmosphere around him. Good luck with this fella! I’m going to build this one right away too, so I hope I can show you pictures soon!
Thanks Ryo for the shout in the shoutbox ūüėÄ
Note that this one isn’t build by anyone(yet) so it might not be an easy papercraft, or even buildable at all. I’m not responsible for any ink loss you might suffer.

EDIT. READ!: I suggest you don’t start building this unless you resize it first to at least 3 pages, then photoshop it (like I did with the 2 page version) and THEN you might want to try and build it. I’m building the head at this very moment, but it’s going slowly, and the result isn’t really fancy. It’s just too small.
EDIT2:Photoshopped the resized version. Note that the resized version is a bit messed up if it comes to the placement of the pieces over the paper. Use the old PDO file in the zip as a reference.

Edit3: Even the resized version is still pretty messy. The beak doesn’t seem to fit on the face for example. But until now (hat, face and arm) seem to be buildable

Now it’s really time to go to bed for me… It’s midnight here, and I’m very tired. Goodnight!

Skull Kid Parts resized (will be 15.7 cm high)
Skull Kid Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Skull Kid Resized with photoshopped texture: (download this!) Pack contains: Small PDO file (don’t print! too small! just for lay-out vieuwing!) PDO resized, 4 pages lined version (bad textures, don’t print!) and lineless version of Skull Kid which is photoshoppped.

Picture by Xenonray


  1. Anonymous

    does your last update have all the kinks worked out?

    i really want to build this but i’m a little weary D:

  2. Anonymous

    I will SO try this and get back to you, I did a life sized plaster Majora’s mask in art class, everyone revered it as a godly relic, lol. I’m a huge Skullkid fan. When its done, I’ll dig out my digital camera and show you. I hope it’s buildable, otherwise my mom might be mad about the ink. Totally worth it. If its not buildable I’ll leave a comment for you guys. Love the site. I can’t wait for a Volvagia or Sheik model…*hint hint*

  3. Anonymous

    Would it be possible to post some instructions on how to assemble this little guy…? It’d be very helpful. D:

  4. Anonymous

    I wish there was a papercraft of a skull kid playing his flute…(Not that this one’s bad or anything! it’s just it’d be nice to have some variety) that’d be so cute! (OoT ver, the lost woods, ya know?)

  5. Anonymous

    Se ve muy bien este Skull kid, tratare de hacerlo, muchas gracias, lo que he querido hallar son los 4 gitantes de termina que estan deteniendo la luna pero no los hallo por ningun lado.

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