Sinnoh Badge Case

I don’t think there’s been anything Pokemon related posted for a while so here is a model case containing all the gym bagdes from the Sinnoh region, featured in the Pearl, Diamond and Platinum games.

Download includes lined/lineless PDFs, a PDO and some instructions on how to make the hinge functional.

Download Here

Template and Picture by sgonzales22
Original model by Skyblufox


  1. pokegirl170

    OMG I LOVE THIS!!! I have no problems opening the files (maybe I downloaded those things before and not remembered) and I just have always wanted my own badge case! NOW I CAN MAKE MY OWN!!! THANK YOU FOR DIS! kay byyyye

  2. Norm

    This is awesome! BTW, The rolled up paper just wasn’t sticking to the hinges so i decided to just stick it inside of the hinge, and it works fine.

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