Sega Dreamcast

PhotobucketThere I am again with a Sega Papercraft. NOOO This is a Nintendo Blog! Why do I post this!

Well, because I like Sega stuff, and The Megadrive games are available on the Wii Shopping Channel if I’m not utterly mistaken.(oh crap, just heard I am, not in shopping channel)
And to annoy a friend of mine (Ultragamer)


Sega Dreamcast, Part2, Part3

Oh yeah, it will take a while before I upgrade to a Pro acount of photobucket. Probably around 5 days before I have the money. Sorry about that.


  1. Anonymous

    dude why its segas not nintendos boy i dont get you guys i mean whatver dubut on a nintendo system (oh its nintendo) just post it on a sega blog.

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