Saria is Link’s best childhood friend in the Kokiri Forest. and along with Navi and the Great Deku Tree helps him start off on his adventure. She can be found playing her ocarina in the Sacred Forest Meadow, being responsible for teaching Link a certain catchy tune! Later in the game she awakens as the Sage of Forest, lending her power to help defeat Ganondorf.

There are two templates available for this model. One is scaled to all my other Zelda 64 models but is only 16cm tall and very difficult because of the small size (Saria, being a Kokiri after all is only a short character in game). The other has been enlarged to ~22cm and should be easier, though still with some small parts due to her thin body shape. It’s up to you which you build, though I’ll be more impressed if you manage the smaller version! ūüėČ

Download Here (via Hyrule Papercraft)

Template and Picture by Xenon