1. Chartodileon

    Heheh, typical Red. ^^

    You finished this one really quickly.. But it looks awesome! Better looking than any papercraft I’ve built. xP

    Compared to the Sonic one, this looks bigger than icthus7’s OoT Link.

  2. The Unseen

    AWESOME! ITS RELEASED!!!! AND PAPERKRAFT HASNT PICKED IT UP YET!!!!! also I think I found a grammar mistake – “She does everything for a booty” I’m not sure that thats what you intended it to say but once again great work man!

  3. Hippo

    This looks awesome! I’m running low on glue already, (man, and that’s the new tube of glue I got 2 days ago) but I’m still going to build this! I’ll probably totally run out of glue less than half of the way through,(that rhymed) but I’ve got nothing else to do,(wow, 3rd rhyme) so I’ll just run to the store. XD Great job, Red Yoshi!

  4. Anonymous

    If it was only his leg that was really messed up, does that mean that we’ll be getting another model sooner, rather than later, because that would be awesome.

  5. cristof!

    SWEET papercraft! this samus is much better looking than the previous one that was released here.

  6. Anonymous

    This looks awesome, but it looks way too hard. Also I can’t download pepakura, so that leaves me stranded.

  7. metroidfan66

    O_o this is about the best papercraft I’ve seen! I tried to make one, but it was too hard… I’ll try again some other time.

  8. Anonymous

    I’m not a big fan of Samos. I,m looking for that Sonic papercraft in the picture because it it look SO much more like him. (Unlike the sonic paper graft you can find on 4kids.com.

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