Samus Aran SSB

PhotobucketFinally, we have a Metroid Prime papercraft. And it’s Samus! We already got her in morph-ball shape, but this one is better ofcourse.
First of all, many people thing Samus is a boy. SHE IS A GIRL! There, now you know it. But you already should have known because of Brawl 😉

Then about the papercraft itself:
At first, this papercraft was 1 page big, and missed a few tabs, or sometimes had too much tabs. I think I fixed all the tabs, but I might have missed one. You can easily make your own tabs with waste-paper.
Note that the head doesn’t have tabs. I did this on purpose, so you can make your own so you can decide for yourself which direction she is looking at.
Edit: When I read this again, I see there is some misunderstanding with people. I only added and deleted a few tabs. AKIL designed this papercraft not me. The credits for who made the papercraft is always in the smaller font at the bottom of the post. From now on, I will make the creator bold, and the text size normal.

I really enjoyed making this one, although I don’t even like the Metroid series! This papercraft is well designed, and it’s a really nice thing to make. Not too easy, not too hard. You can make it without any frustrations. Only small problem is that it doesn’t stand on its own. I suggest you add some weight in the feet before closing them, or add a platform where you glue her on. Also, I suggest you make all the parts first, and then attach all the parts to the body in the very end.

Download her at:
Rapidshare, Mediafire

By Akil, via Impreme Recorta Pega


  1. Guillermo

    Hey dude I suppose that you dont speak Spanish but the guy that left a comment named Akil said he was the creator of this model and you didn’t give him the credit,af course Im not the Internet police but I believe that if he designed he must have the rights don’t you think?

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