Samus Aran (complex)

FlickrEver since I started papercrafting, I have wanted a high-quality model of Samus. We’ve had models of Samus before, and, though they were good, they weren’t as detailed as I would have liked. So, I went ahead and made my own!

Since we’ve already had a few Samus models already, there’s not much extra I can say about the character, but I can still talk about the model. First of all, as you can probably tell from the picture, this is not a good craft for beginners! The model stands 12 inches tall (about 30 cm), has 13 pages, and has 347 pieces. So, if you are fairly new to papercrafting, then I recommend you get a bit more experience before attempting this model.

Oh, also, before you start building this, you should read the included text file. It has a few things in it that you need to know before you start building.

Download it here

by Gollum999


  1. Anonymous

    O yea this will be cosplay soon.
    Check out your school for a large scale printer and get some card board and make your own costumes FROM PAPERCRAFT.

  2. Navi03

    Wow, Gollum, this looks amazing… it’s like the ultimate Samus papercraft! The level of detail in this is crazy. Great job! 😀

  3. EdiStarks

    Really great work!, i was starting a similar model in blender to make a cosplay for my daughter, because there were no high detail model out there to use. This one will be really helpful. Thank you for it.

    Could you also post the 3D model in an open format? or a separated pepakura of every piece?, that’s handful for cosplay.

    I’m in the way of publishing my own works too (including a modified version of Midna’s Mask and an ironman helmet).

  4. Dale


    Excellent model!! Can’t wait to make this one.

    Would you consider making Zero Suit Samus Aran from Smash Bros Brawl?

    Thanks again


  5. Anonymous

    I’m making this model now, and it looks awasome, good work!
    One suggestion for anyone making this one, when you’re finished the head, paint the visor with a few layers of clear glue. This gives it a nice glossy finish, like glass. As an added bonus, it makes it a bit harder too.

  6. lin

    I know something super scary!I’ve seen a papercraft that has 48 pages!!!I’m thinking about making it though.*faint*

  7. Anonymous

    OMG this is amazing!!!I really love Samus and this is GREAT!!! ooooooohhh I’m crying T.T (lol, no I’m just kidding). But really this is a great work.


    And thx for the label!!!!

  8. Lord Pollo

    Hi Gollum, this is really great. Can you modificate the colors as the phazon suit? Thanks

  9. Anonymous

    This is beyond magnificent! I only have little experience so far but I’m looking forward to the day I can try this. No more words needed, they’re lost before that beauty anyway!

  10. EdiStarks

    Hi Golum, as i did promess last year, here’s my first payback for your awsome model, i’m publishing my fully functional life size ironman helmet.

    As you may note i have been very busy being ironman, and my daugther being many other characters, may be anytime soon she will be Samus. She won first prize being Sonic the Hedgehog and her next cosplay will be Harley Quinn (of which i’m making her popgun).

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