Samurai Goroh

Samurai Goroh is a racer and bounty hunter in the F-Zero series, piloting the extremely fast and durable Fire Stingray. He has a great rivalry with Captain Falcon, a fellow bounty hunter who often beats Goroh to the target and on the track too.

He appears as a large muscular man wearing a brown waistcoat and a rising sun emblem on his helmet. Despite his size he is allegedly very athletic and agile, his preferred weapon being a katana.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, from which this model is derived, he’s present as an Assist Trophy, jumping at his foes whilst wildly swinging his sword. Players caught up in his attacks can expect to be dealt a lot of damage!

(The download contains two PDOs, one of his normal outfit and another recoloured to his SNES appearance.)
Download Here

Ripped and Unfolded by Ignatius
Editing, Recolour and Picture by Vert092


  1. Zanti

    Hey! Amazing stuff! We talk about your work in our blog, take a look and if you don’t agree to publish it, we’ll delete it inmediately! We only want to show your art ūüėõ
    Thanks and congratulations!

  2. Anonymous

    hey, I the site you linked for the download apparently got in trouble with the law, is there anywhere else I can get this?

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