Sabi96 Contest Entry – Ness, Lucas and Mr. Saturn

OffpicWith the Earthbound contest deadline date coming up it’s now time to begin posting the finished entries. This first one is by Sabi96 who has made  not just Ness,  but Lucas and a Mr. Saturn too!

All are characters from the Earthbound a.k.a Mother series: Ness and Mr. Saturn making their debut in Earthbound, while Lucas first appeared in Mother 3. All of them appear in Super Smash Brothers Brawl, with Ness and Lucas as playable characters and Mr. Saturn as a throwable item.

Ness, Lucas and Mr. Saturn

Created by Sabi96



    1. Sabi96

      I was kinda hoping that one of the mods would edit the note out.

      @Sam Thanks, go ahead and don’t forget to send me a picture of your build, and thanks (maybe :D)

      1. XenonRay

        Uh yeah sorry, someone sent it out unedited >:/
        I removed the notes and just added a bit of context in regards to the contest and model content.

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