A wild Rotom appeared on your computer screen!

With a unique body that is similar to electricity, it is able to enter machines and appliances. It uses this ability to create mischief.

Oh my, another great entry for the Pokemon contest! It’s a Rotom! The download comes with a small version (shown in picture) and a lifesize version. Note the blue stance that comes with it. You could ofcourse hang it onto your ceiling with some fishing wire, but if you want to let it stand on your desktop or with the rest of your collection, this stand will come in handy. It’s all up to you wheter you decide to build it or not. It’s the 4th page of the PDF (small version)

The “wings” should be completely cut out, not around the black squared border that’s around it. For an even better look, you could cut out the white in the middle as well.

The glow and wings are flat, Rotom itself is 3D.

Download Rotom

By Kbman


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