Last day of the contest! You can see the time left here so any entries must be posted in the submission thread by then!

The 7th model is Dil‘s Roll, a character in the long running Mega Man series. The series has spanned many generations of consoles, starting with the NES and moving through many other platforms. Roll is a robotic girl created by Dr. Light who acts as his house keeper and is often considered the little sister of Mega Man. She’s first seen in the credits of the very first game though isn’t named until the third one. Her name is meant to be a pun on Rock and Roll, since Mega Man is known as Rock/Rockman in Japan.

This papercraft was custom modelled, textured and built within the last 5 days of the contest. Not something I’d recommend usually but the results looks great!

It’s relatively simple but a very small model at ~8.6cm (scaled to Dil’s Mega Man model). The download file is a single PDF but contains a link to some instructions online.

Download Here (via IRP)

Template and Picture by Dil