Ripping Nintendo 64 Models

N64-Console-SetNow that the forum is growing, we’ve had more and more people ask the question: “How can I rip models and turn them into papercrafts?”

In response to this question, I created a video tutorial of how to rip from N64 games. Enjoy!

How to Rip N64 Models from Tim Sanders on Vimeo.

NOTE: I gotta say some things. First of all, any models you rip are still owned by Nintendo, so no matter what you use the models you rip for, be sure to give credit to them. That also means that you can’t use their models for commercial use.

Second, like I said in the video, if you do not own the original copy of the ROM you are using, you can only use it for 24 hours. After that, it is stealing (which is illegal). I do not in any way endorse or approve of piracy.

EDIT: Good news, the latest version of Blender (version 2.48a) has a built-in WRL import script! Now, all you need is the latest version of Blender, Python, 1964 and Lemmy’s Plugin. You no longer need the VRML Plugin, mxTextTools, or SimpleParse.


  1. Navi03

    A picture, because it’s a flat image, doesn’t have the three-dimensional frame that a model would, so no, it’s really not possible. If it were, that would really simplify things, though! lol, oh well. :)

  2. metroid x

    wow cool but i may not mdownload all that stuf so i beg you : can you make a papermodel from the 4th boss from the legend of zelda majora’s mask? please?

  3. Jazz

    i cant install stuff…but is it possible that maybe you wouldnt mind compying your blender folder and puttin it in a zipped folder…and sending me a link to where its uploaded…if not its fine just thinkin. thanks

    im Jazzmonkay on nintendo papercrat

  4. Anonymous

    Ok, well, here’s MY problem…

    I have the 2.49a version of Blender, which has the new sculpting tool. What I’m trying to do is rip models from Banjo-Kazooie and give the models more polygons. I managed to rip the textures and the wrl. file… but here’s where the problem is. He has a different version of Blender in the video. So he had to go through a few things to actually open up the model. He had to use “Virtual Reality Modeling Language 97″ to open the wrl. file. But he says at the bottom of the comments that VRML97 is no longer needed; that Blender can now open those files. I have no idea how. I’ve just clicked “File, Import VRML 1.0, then I go to the the C drive, the VRML folder, go the the file which is called, “output.wrl” and then blender says “loading failed, file is not a blender file.”

    …What am I doing wrong?

  5. Anonymous

    i have blender 2.49a, the latest version of blender (i think) ive been having a lot of fun with it, and i have a sheikah stone 3ds file. how do i open it in pepakura, and have it with textures? in other words, how can i save a blender project as a 3ds file? if you save it as whatever.blend, then rename it to whatever.3ds, then it is a 3ds file, it says it in properties, but when i try to open it in pepakura it says cannot open file.


    plus, i am a noob at blender i cant even understand the simplest tutorials. come on, im only 11 years old, but i love your papercrafts, my room’s full of ’em.

  6. Kupo

    I’m kinda late on this, but when loading WRL. files to Blender you have to click “File” then “Import” and select “X3D and VRML97 (.x3d / .wrl) select your file and voila!

  7. Anonymous

    um ddue who made this can you put the links to download vrml mx text tools and simple parse
    i cant find them blender removed them from there site -_-

  8. Anonymous

    hi. now that the 1964 is changed from the original version, how can you export the 3D frame? im confused because the video plugin settings isnt the same as it was in the video. thanks

  9. Anonymous

    hi. i have a problem… when i try to play the game with lemmys plugin, it has a sighn saying : ‘calling: error with lemmys blah blah blah. do you want to debug this application?’

    and it has a yes and no. if i click on no, it keeps on popping up. but when i click on yes, the screen goes all weard with these frozen images. and it doesnt work. can u PLEASE HELP ME???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  10. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for making this video.. it really helped me.. now i jut need to learn how to use blender (a lot of work)

    can you also make a video tutorial for ripping wii/gc models? and maybe also for other platforms? (like ps2/psp)
    That would be so awesome!!

  11. Anonymous

    please help me!!
    I’m getting far with this, BUT..
    When you’re done on the video with the hemi light, and saving.. You’re doing something with Toad’s Face… How do you do that?? I searched high and low, and i can’t find it :-(
    I’m still a Blender Noob, but i searched on video tutorials and ond blender wiki etc.. but i just can’t seem to find the answer..

  12. Anonymous

    So I have the pj64 instead of 1964, is that good enough? I don’t know the difference.

  13. Xenon

    The latest Project 64 supports Lemmy’s Plugin I think (though I could never get it to work).

    1964 is the older ‘safe bet’ but whichever works may depend a lot on your computer.

    If you actually want to play a game, then pj64 is the superior choice.

  14. Anonymous

    No matter what I try, Blender always displays an error whenever I open the wrl file. Actually, it won’t open ANY file. I have the latest version of Blender, so I shouldn’t have to get any other software, right?

  15. Xenon

    Any file? That sounds quite extreme :S

    Blender is awkward with opening different files. The golden rule is that ‘Open’ only opens .blend files. For everything else you should use ‘Import’ and carefully specify what type.

    (Apologies if you knew all that:- just wanted to be certain I’d covered all bases)

    The other alternative people here use is Metasequoia (also free).

  16. Anonymous

    UPDADE: Blender still won’t open any file other than .blend (yes, I used “Import” instead of “Open”) but thankfully, I was able to find a program that converts .wrl files to .obj files, so I was able to get it to work.

    But, I have been having another problem. i ripped the Blue marine from Star Fox 64 (the submarine in the Aquas level), and when I opened it with Pepakura several textures that should only appear once on one face appeared multiple times, usually upside-down.

  17. Xenon

    Anon: Sounds like it is suffering from classic broken n64 textures. In short, when ripped, most games will appear to have repeating textures. I made a rough guide to fix them in an image edior here if that helps:

    Solo: Try this link here for Lemmy’s Plugin

    The forum post seems very old but the download still works.

  18. Anonymous

    I tried ripping from F-Zero X, and all the textures come out black. I’ve ripped from Star Fox 64 and Super Smash Bros., and nothing like that has happened. Is there a way that i could fix this, and/or prevent it from happening in the first place?

  19. Xenon

    For GC and Wii games the way to rip whilst playing a game requires an ISO or other supported format on Dolphin, along with 3D Ripper DX.

    Run 3D Ripper, use it to launch Dolphin and your game (DirectX mode only) and hit the rip button.

    Well…that’s the short version. In truth it can be awkward as the two programs hate to work with each other. There’s almost certainly a more in depth guide on our forums, along with help on fixing geometry, and possibly how to rip by browsing ISOs instead.

    has a few TP models in T-pose.

  20. Corwii

    I cannot tell you how big my eyes got when I seen the whole forest from zelda pop up in blender lol. So cool man, wish you would have explained in more detail on how to get the textures mapped right. Links cloths are white for some reason lol. Maybe I’m just too tipsy to understand lol. Anyways do you own all those roms I seen in the emulator menu? Some Japan and Europe versions? Or does it matter?

  21. Xenon

    A couple of textures are white by default so the game would colour them instead. I guess for link’s tunic (another example is the Gerudo’s clothes) it reduced the need for near-duplicate files. So for us that means we have to manually colour them in. :/

    Gollum999 isn’t here much anymore but I’ll say technically you’re supposed to own the games you get ROMs/ISOs of. But…we don’t really worry about the legal side of ripping models and such. After all, without them there would not be many papercrafts here.

    Different region ROMs can still be emulated so it shouldn’t matter (I know I’ve had a few US and EU versions of Ocarina of Time along the way…). Can’t see why Japanese ones would be different beyond the language.

  22. Cheeseypapercrafter

    When I rip a model, my textures are actually inside the model, how do I fix this?

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