Ripper (Banjo-Kazooie)

Something suitably themed for the time of the year! This is an enemy from the Mad Monster Mansion level of Banjo-Kazooie, though also lives in the surrounding area of Grunty’s Lair. They hide among the ordinary tombstones, but sprout some eyes and limbs when you get close!
Being huge slabs of rock, they aren’t very mobile so you can often out-manoeuvre these guys when they attack.

A fairly straightforwards craft, the main body is simple, though there’s some more complex pieces for the hands. The arms and legs glue to the edge of the body and can probably be customised to make your own spooky pose!

Download Here

Via Litro Craft
Template and Picture by Litronom


  1. Xenon

    Yes but historically Rare was strongly affiliated with Nintendo, producing many N64 exclusives.

    Certain series of theirs, like B&K and Goldeneye will be forever associated with Nintendo even if they weren’t made by them. The same could be said for the Other category, which is full of models from games not by Nintendo yet are easily associated with their consoles.

  2. Xenon

    But originally N64 which is my point.

    We post models from games on Nintendo consoles. B&K is a well loved series, once exclusive to the N64, hence the category here.

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