Resetti v3

We’ve posted a couple of different Resetti crafts in the past, but now here’s a version based on his Super Smash Bros. Brawl trophy.

Mr. Resetti appears in all of the Animal Crossing games. His job is to stop the player resetting by being as annoying as possible, and getting more and more annoying every time. In Animal Crossing City Folk, he is seen in the Reset Surveillance Centre, as is his brother Don.

12cm tall, 3 pages and 29 parts.
The 6 body parts are numbered, follow the order when building.
Here’s some building tips from the testuilder:
Start at the top of the head and work your way down the body. To build the sledgehammer start at the top piece and build the two gray things, then attach them to the top piece and close with the bottom piece. Just put the finished body on the stand and add the rocks to finish the model. Pretty straightforward build.

Download here

Designer: Squeezycheesecake
Testbuilder: Link101


  1. Anonymous

    This is really cool! I am going to build it tomorrow. I think I will give it to my friend Gary who I papercraft with. I think you should do Tangy or Rosie. They would be cute.

  2. Caroline

    Haha this is awesome but I would never want to make a papercraft project of an annoying mole who always lectures me when my batteries run out on me -.-

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