ReDeads are zombie-like monsters that have appeared in all console games starting with The Ocarina of Time, with the exception of Four Swords Adventures.

In The Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask, you know when they’re coming when you hear their moans even before you see them. Though they are capable of paralyzing Link, they are easy to avoid because they are quite slow and are blind. But they have very good hearing so they will hear it if Link makes any noise near them.

With Halloween not too far away, you can go creep out some people with this ReDead. Designed by Gollum999.

Download HERE.


  1. sporking_llama

    Oh my gosh, rofl. There is no way in hell I would ever make this, they terrified me every time I had to go past them in Ocarina of Time.
    But since the purpose is to freak people out, good job =D

  2. yuna3100

    I remember when they scream YAAAAHH!
    :O The papercraft is great! And…for my opinion it would be cool if you would make a gerudo papercraft!

  3. Anonymous

    Hakama said:
    Waah! I’ve allways hated those… But good job with the craft! I will shurely make it^^

  4. sabidiet

    GAH! REDEAD!! i remeber when i was little and i just bought OOT, and when i heard AAAAAAH!! from redead just freaked me out XP i never did learn the song of storms because of that;D

  5. Anonymous

    actly sabidiest.. it was the song of sun that you got if you went threw that redead mini dungon.. O_o” my mom got it for me .. I WAs so happy when i learned i could freeze those things wit hthat soung!! HAHAH!!!

  6. Anonymous

    I am printing it right now, but I do not see any instructions on how to put it together. Can you add some instructions?

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