Redead Sword

The ReDead is a reappearing enemy in the Legend of Zelda series. ReDeads are zombie-like creatures with a highly emaciated humanoid appearance.

The ReDead Knights were buried in warm, dry areas, and were apparently intended to serve as guardians for the Arbiter’s Grounds and the Cave of Ordeals, hence why they were given swords and clothing, unlike other redeads in the series.

The craft is 6 pages. The last page of the PDF does not have to be printed. It contains out of big pieces, so this should not be hard at all to make. Please note that the sword in the picture is made with a black-white printer. The actual craft will have some color. The file also includes a PDO for reference.

Download the sword here!

By Brandon, picture by Nautilus. Info from Zeldapedia