Redd is an Animal Crossing character who has appeared in every game to date. He runs Crazy Redd’s, a shop profiting from high prices and some counterfeit items. He does however occasionally sell exclusive items you can’t buy anywhere else.

2 pages and about 13cm tall. The body and head are separate, so you will need some decent glue to stick them together. There are several small parts in the body, so experience and tweezers might be necessary.

Download here (via Ultimate Papercraft)

Template and photo by Squeezycheesecake


  1. Biebboek

    Exellent choice once again. I rarely ever papercraft these days but for your AC papercrafts I make an exception! Might I request a proper K.K. Slider?

  2. Anonymous

    I make resseti and im now doing this one and is awesome becuz i just made the head and looks very cool 😀 im a very fan of animal crossing.

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