Rare’s Googly Eyes+Contest results

I hereby present you: The results!
Every member had to give 3 points to their favourite papercrafts, 2 points to their second and 1 point to their third favourite. This is the final score:

Navi (Banjo Kazooie in Armchair): 71 points
Pickle (Cheato): 40 points
Gupu (Kazooie in backpack): 39 points
Schlenkster (Targitzan): 23 points
Deekman (Googly eyes): 22 points
FrozenFish (Beehive): 10 points
Mastermind (Washing Machine): 4 points
Supermariofreak (Honey): 4 points
Link (Mumbo’s staff): 3 points

Congratulations to the winners! It was a great contest! Thanks to this contest, we now have 9 more papercrafts from Banjo Kazooie!

Let’s move onto the last papercraft from the contest. Rare’s googly eyes! I’m not sure if it’s actually a “craft” though, it’s more just like a print and cut thingy. However, it looks awesome on almost anything:

Jup, that’s right. You can just randomly spread these things through town, or just have fun with them in your own house. You don’t just need one of these. You will need tons! Bring everything to life with these awesome Googly eyes!
Oh yeah… before I forget… I’m not responsible in any way for any acts you might do with these eyes, nor can I be held responsible for any consequenses from this papercraft. Don’t forget to give your girlfriend some attention once in a while after downloading this papercraft, mkay?

Download here!

By Deekman


  1. Pocketim

    Congrats to all the winners! Oh, and I see you’re playing Sonic 3 and Knuckles XD Great game =D

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