Purple Puncher

The Purple Puncher is a type of ghost found in Luigi’s Mansion, first in the Anteroom, then in many other places throughout the game. They attack with their fists to drive Luigi away (watch out for the uppercut!) though like many other ordinary ghosts they can be easily stunned with the flashlight then sucked up with the Poltergust 3000.

With Luigi’s Mansion 2 in development for the 3DS we might see this guy again shortly!

Download Here (via Nintendo Craft)

Template and Picture by Poe

Seems like we’re in an endless cycle of Mario, Zelda or Pokemon. We can only post what’s available on the internet or our forum, and people seem to like those categories above the most! :/ On the plus side it’s not often we’re able to post a new model almost every day for an entire month, so I’m pleased with the levels of activity right now.


  1. Anonymous

    he probobly isnt gonna be in lm2. in the 2 videos i have on my 3ds that i got in the eshop show completly new ghosts and none of the old ones.

  2. Sam

    Yeah, the account on the file sharing site that the model was uploaded on was deleted, so this craft is permanently gone. Sorry.

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