Professor Shikashi

“Are you here to do something for me? I am Shikashi, professor of astronomy!”

Shikashi is a professor of astronomy who owns the Astral Observatory located on the outskirts of Clock Town. He has been enamored with the Moon since he was a child and he spends his days gazing at it through his telescope. If Link talks to him while wearing different transformation masks, he gives Link different responses to each shape.

One of those crafts that is easy, but might be a tad confusing if you don’t know where to put all the stuff. Especially the arms might cause some confusion, so if you have the chance be sure to check out the PDO. If your computer doesn’t run Pepaura, be sure to make all folds on the arms and to remember the colored directions on the template. Have fun!

Download here!

Model editing by Brandon, unfold and testbuild by Drummyralf. Info from Zeldapedia


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