Princess Zelda "Wind Waker"

The model that finalized and available for download! There is a file called “Fix” which is where I had to agree that two problems were: joints of the arms and joins the head with the body. The model has a total of 9 pages, with 7 pages are in the main file and the 2 others are in the file “Fix”. Any doubt or want to see the process of construction, visit the official topic of the model in the forum (Nintendo Papercraft). Good fun!

Download – Princess Zelda “Wind Waker”


  1. Mr. Mew

    Why is the hair green? The hair looks yellow there but it seems green on the pdo too. Is there something I can do?

  2. Anonymous

    Oh dear, well I have advice for those who had green hair. Just color over it! Use some acyrlic paint/markers that are a blonde color.

    Anyway, nice job DaredevilBR! Can you make a Medli papercraft next?

  3. Anonymous

    Make a Medli papercraft, please!
    can you?
    And I liked the Zelda you made ^^
    But I’m making a Tetra one now =D

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