Princess Peach DS

Welcome to our site, your highness! It’s a princess visiting us!

Super Princess Peach marked a change of roles in the Mario series – it was Princess Peach’s turn to save Mario and Luigi from King Bowser. With the aid of a talking umbrella named Perry, Peach traveled to Vibe Island.

Notes from Icthus’ site: Now a super surprise for all!
Previously we share the Princess Peach of Nintendo 64. And now an upgrade with a better elaboration of the model. Besides, in two different poses and including her umbrella. And with two different kinds of hairdo.
The size of this model; 25 cm.

Download here!

By Icthus7, info from Super Mario Wiki


  1. Anonymous

    Ok, Vibe Island, I got that, LOL.
    Was that the Official name? if so, then Nintendo made an Adult Joke.

  2. Anonymous

    Mm, Im looking for instructions and I seriously can’t find them!! Somebody please give me a link to the instructions I’d highly appreciate it 😀 rage!!!

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