Prince Komali

komaliKomali is the prince of the Rito tribe from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. He gives you Din’s pearl, which was given to him by his grandmother. He is very close friends with Medli, another Rito. Download includes 2 .PDFs and 2 .PDOs, a lined and lineless version.

This papercraft is Medium/Hard, depending on your experience. There are quite a lot of very fiddly parts. The hair parts are numbered, but the rest of the model shouldn’t be too confusing. If you want to make the hand easier to build, I suggest building all of the fingers, then ignoring the bottom flaps and sticking them together by their sides. Then use the next piece to wrap around all the fingers as best as you can. The feet are comparatively quite easy, just build bottom up. To attach the necklace thing, add glue at the ends, then wrap it around his neck as far as you can, and hold in place. To attach the limbs, glue around the grey area, push it up into place and hold.

Papercraft by Squeezycheesecake.

Download here


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