Pokemon Rescue Team Blue/Red Pikachu Headquarters

PhotobucketOver the next few days I’ll be posting a lot of Pokemon papercrafts. Luckily there’s quite a bit of Chokipeta, so I thought I should start it off with this great find! Where would we be without Goblin Guy? This is the Pikachu Rescue Team Base from Pokemon Rescue Team

Blue and Red. The game was rather popular, and has had 2 recent sequels, with the 4th generation Pokemon. I never really “loved” the game, but I remember buying a DS in anticipation for it to come out. Red and Blue were different in not just the Pokemon they have, but for systems too! Blue was for the NDS, while Red was made for Gameboy Adv. This was a great strategy, because Nintendo could get buyers who had a DS and Who didn’t. Sadly, it came out a while later then the brink of the switch of the systems, which probably would have brought more customers. Instead of using wireless connection it used multiple codes and Wondermail, so you could rescue your friend even if their game in a different system. Anyways in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon you would take a mood test, and your game would determine which Pokemon you were most like, then push you into a new world of Pokemon(wirthout humans), apparently a different dimension from the normal world. After rescuing a group of Mankeys, they upgrade your base to look like your species(kinda creepy, don’t ya’ think?) If the Pika house design has changed, I’m not sure, scince I didn’t buy Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Time or Darkness.

Pika Base P1
Pika Base P2

Designed by Chokipeta, and Magazines bought by Goblin Guy

Edit: Links updated!


  1. Kirby/Link

    In Pokemon Time and Darkness.You live at Wigglytuff Guild.After you save the world you live at Sharpedo Bluff(shaped like Sharpedo).Your house doesn;t look like your Pokemon Species anymore.

  2. charmycharmander

    i wish you could still live in a house looking like your pokemon, but in time/darkness you dont…

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