Pokemon Battle Diorama

The contest is over and the results are in! The following points have been given by our members to all the contestants:

52 Celebi by Brandon
47 Charmeleon by Gupu
37 Ampharos by POdragon
35 Diorama by Christina
33 Kabutops Cotton by Eyed joe
32 Charmander Doll by Nautilus
28 Smeargle by PMF
22 Rotom by Kbman
15 Onix by Alexkid
13 Mew by Mastermind
3 Unown by Linkdude

Congratulations to Brandon, Gupu and POdragon, and thanks all for participating!

I have two more crafts to post from the contest, and I’ll start with the Pokemon Battle Diorama!This cute Diorama will surely look great in your craft collection!

Note that the original model is very tiny, and has MANY folds. If you’re new to papercrafting or don’t have any patience, you might want to do the same as the testbuilder did in the picture: Put something behind the sprites to make it have more depth. Be creative!

To see how it actually should look like, there’s a reference picture in the download.

Have fun!

Download Pokemon Battle Diorama

By Christina, testbuild by PMF


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