POKéDOLLS Team 3 – Tentacool, Magikarp, Shellder

Magicarp_Doll_by_Skele_kittytentacool2 Shellder Doll

So what lives in the water, is very lazy, has a shell, two tentacles, six eyes and will kill you when it grows up? (No, it’s not Ralf; I don’t know where you get those ideas people.)
Yeah, it is Paperpokés’ Team 3 of their serie of Pokédolls! (I know, the title was an obvious giveaway :\)

Halfway done now, 12 more dolls to go!

So you can already download Shellder, Magikrap (huh, i mean karp) and Tentacool at the usual site, and you’ll be able to download the Big Snorlax monday morning!

Have a nice day / weekend!


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