Poison Mushroom

Time to pick up the pace with updates I think. For a while there wasn’t much around, I stopped paying attention to website feeds, and suddenly lots of new models appeared!

Ok so today’s is another mushroom papercraft from Cut Score Fold and Glue. This one is a type of poison mushroom seen in Luigi’s Mansion. They’re thrown onto the floor by some bosses and if Luigi sucks them up with his vacuum, they turn him small and make him drop coins and pearls.

Construction should be similar to previous mushroom crafts (although this one has some sort of bite taken out of it).

Download Here (via CSFG)

Template and Picture by Seb


Also the blog receives a lot of comments these days asking for instructions for models that don’t have any. If they’re available they will be linked to or included in the download file. Some comments ask about posts 3-4 years old and it’s very unlikely these will ever see any updates or revisits by the designers :/ . If there’s no instructions but a PDO file is included then use this with Pepakura Viewer! It doesn’t offer a step by step guide, but will show exactly where parts go.