Poe Collector OoT

This is a remake of my Poe Collector released way back in 2008. He was my first design and well…looked quite neat but the template was very rough and required a lot of improvisation.
So this new version was started completely from the beginning and edited much more to improve the construction. It may be somewhat harder than the original because of added geometry and sections of the inner robes but fits together much better overall. Plus instructions!
The Poe Collector is a mysterious hooded figure who lives in the ruins of Hyrule Castle Town and pays good money for any Poes that Link brings him, especially for rare specimens. He’s a rather strange and unwholesome character, preferring life under Ganondorf’s evil reign as it creates ideal conditions for his business!

Comes with an optional crate to sit on. Alternatively you can just use a shelf! However you will have to weigh him down in the back of his cloak to let him perch on a ledge safely. See the source site for more information on changes and construction.

Download Here (via Hyrule Papercraft)

Template and picture by Xenon