Please Welcome : The Papercraft Wiki

Minish_LinkFor starters, the web is surprisingly quite empty of information about papercraft. The Wikipedia page about paper models is quite vague. Fortunately PaperCraft Museum offers a very complete tutorial to get you started on building simple to very complex paper models.

At Nintendo Papercraft, we’ve been working on big projects.

One of them was the How to Papercraft guide, which was a very successful attempt at creating a full guide explaining all the tidbits of papercraft building and design. But it was already getting too cluttered for a paper format. We had to restructure it.

Let me introduce you the Papercraft Wiki.

The Papercraft Wiki contains all the papercraft goodness the Papercraft Guide offered. Plus even more. Get even more information about papercraft. Learn about papercraft’s history. Finally understand the papercraft jargon with the new glossary. Find new papercraft websites thanks to the Web directory.

It’s not a finished product, but it’ll get better over time.

The Papercraft Wiki is an ode to papercraft. Discover it now!

The Papercraft Wiki