Hello, here’s another PoKéMoN model: Piplup!

This cute little penguin is the water-type starter on the 4th gen pokemon games.


On another note, Ralf and I have been busy updating all the download links on the blog, also I managed to reduce the file size on all of Red Yoshi’s models, so, instead of downloading a 60 MB model of Samus you get a neat, tight 6 MB file.

Happy downloading!!!

Finished picture by Paperbuff

Download here


  1. SkippyElectrochomp

    I already have a figurine of this, but I built it anyways. The 4-5 hours of labor was worth it to me. By the time I was finished with the papercraft, it looked awesome to me. It didn’t look as good as I hoped it would be, but it was still more valuable to me than the figurine I bought. This was my first successful papercraft. It looks good on the top of my TV. Thank you, Nintendo Papercraft.

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