Pipit is a Zelda character who made an appearance in Skyward Sword. He is a graduate of the Knight Academy in Skyloft, the winner of the Wing Ceremony the year before Link. He lives in Skyloft with his mother, Mallara, and can be found patrolling around the Academy at night.

The papercraft is 35cm tall (not including the base), and is made up of 7 pages and 67 parts. It is fairly complex, so make sure you have some papercraft experience before attempting it. Once you’ve done the first two pages though, it is a pretty straightforward build. The base is entirely optional, he will stand up without it or weights.

Download Here

Template and photo by Squeezycheesecake


  1. diego

    is very chido (great, but so we say in Mexico) I would like a link in papercraft, becuase the other does not like me much.
    sludos from mexico

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