PictoBox (Deluxe)

Say cheeeese! It’s the Pictobox! I really thought it was awkward at first, having a camera in a Zelda game. I really loved making all the pictures though, and collecting all the figurines in the Nintendo Gallery!

At first, you only obtain the Pictobox. You have to snap three specific pictures and take them to Lenzo to get the Deluxe pictobox, which makes pictures in color.

Download it here!

By PMF, picture by PaperBuff


  1. Anonymous

    Holy crap man this is awesome! I had great plans for one of these, one that would actually have a compartment for a real camera. But this one is perfect! Great craft, congrats!

  2. Anonymous

    Is there any other way to open the file without downloading something like Winrar? Those programs cost money, and the ones that don’t have caused a few problems on my computer…

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