phantump_papercraft_by_aquametal-d7x48doHey guys! Today, we have some dead children for you! This is Phantump, the Stump Pokemon. According to the Pokedex, Phantump is literally a tree stump being possessed by the souls of children who died, lost in the woods. As if that wasn’t bad enough, they now wander abandoned forests, alone. To think, they call Pokemon a children’s game.


This model comes in two sizes, a smaller one at 10 cm, and the recommended build size at 13 cm. The smaller has 2 pages, and the larger has 3 pages. The download has pdo’s and pdf’s of both sizes, a pdf containing a diagram of the model for help in building, and a read-me file with tips from the designer. All credit goes to aquametal on deviantart.

Phantump can be found Here.