Phantom Ganon (OoT)

Phantom Ganon guards the Forest Temple. In the boss’s room, there are many identical paintings on the wall of a road leading to a dark castle; Phantom Ganon will jump into one of them with his horse. After disappearing, two Phantom Ganons will ride to the front of the painting, and a purple hole will appear in one of them, which is the one the real Phantom Ganon will jump out of. As he jumps out, he will turn white, and at this point he needs to be shot with an arrow from the Fairy Bow. If the shot misses or is delayed, he will throw an electric ball on the ground which will scatter across the platform. This can easily be avoided by standing on one of the Triforce images in each corner of the platform. After taking sufficient damage, he will leave his horse. He now starts to attack by shooting an energy ball at Link while hovering over the ground. Link can hit the ball back with the Master Sword or a Bottle. Repeated enough times, Phantom Ganon will eventually be hit and fall to the ground paralyzed. He can now be hit multiple times with the Master Sword, and after enough hits, he will be defeated. When his health is halved or less, he will sometimes do another attack: he will twirl his staff a few times, letting off small magic sparks to show he’s about to attack. He will then charge at Link, doing three hearts of damage. Once defeated, Link will gain a Heart Container and the Forest Medallion. Ganondorf will then talk to Link telling him he battled impressively and that he’ll also banish Phantom Ganon to the area between dimensions.~info from Zelda Wiki

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