Petey Piranha

Continuing with the contest submissions, here’s Petey Piranha as seen in Super Smash Brothers Brawl.
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Comment from the designer:
Medium-Hard one as described by the builder, base and foot supports will be included. Cages may be included at a later date.

Couple build notes; Build the head from the mouth out, attaching the lips (be sure to get the right shape, otherwise the round head will never form on top of it). After the head is done, make the body from the legs up, putting weight in the bottom. When it comes to the point to attach the leafy arms, cut a slit in the gray wedge shape on the body where the arms would go, and secure the joints of the leaves to the inside of the body. Make the little boot supports and Stadium for a base, and viola- complete!

Model by Brandon
Picture by Olber

Petey Piranha A4
Petey textures + Brighter alternate
Brawl Stadium A4