Penguin 2

Like their real world counterparts, Penguins in the Mario series can be usually found be found in cold and icy places. They usually have a blue and white colouration, with big eyes and yellow beaks and feet. Their role varies from acting as obstacles, or requiring the player’s help in return for a reward of some sort. Perhaps the most famous Penguin is the one in Super Mario 64 who Mario must race down an icy slide in order to win a Star.
While this papercraft is based on the style seen in recent Wii games, we also have a template based on their N64 appearance here.

This model is fairly small at 12.7cm but is made up of large strips which benefit from the smooth building method as seen in the photo. This is where you only score/fold tabs and sharp angle lines, and instead wrap pieces in place in a smooth curve.

Download Here

Template and Picture by Poe


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