Peach’s Castle from Paper Mario

From designer Gipi, we have Peach’s Castle. The castle seem to change from one game to another. In Paper Mario, where this castle is from, it is large and with a great many rooms. Each room has a function — a bedroom, a library and many storage rooms. There is no warp pipe leading to the castle in Paper Mario. It can easily be reached from Toad Town.

Download HERE.


  1. Anonymous

    I love it!!! I’m new to this and the instructions did show up with the download, can anyone tell me what size and type of paper is best? Thanks

  2. Xenon

    Templates are usually meant to be printer on A4 or Letter sized sheets (though the two are very similar).

    As for thickness, we recommend anything between 120-200 gsm (grams per sq. metre, there’s a lot of ways to describe thickness but gsm gets used the most ’round here).

    In short, anything but regular printer paper as it is far too weak.

  3. Anonymous

    How did you guys figure out what to do? I don’t know if I am making it correctly. Can you tell me how? I am confused. :(

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