A Peach papercraft! Oh yeah! I still have to make this one myself, but I will for sure in the near future. I really think there is a lack of good mario character papercrafts out there on teh int3rw3bs. I really thank icthus7 on my knees for making this one. It looked really good in Pepakura Designer!


By Icthus7, picture by PaperBuff


  1. Mary Parliament

    Some of Peach’s parts are unfinished and I can’t seem to get her hair done without a little instruction. Any chance of a little help with this? Thanks.

  2. PaperBuff


    I was the one who made the Peach on the pic. If you’re still working on this and don’t have the PDO yet, I suggest that you download it. It’s on the link above now. It wasn’t before.

    It’s not possible to figure out the hair pieces without the PDO. Actually, I did have to change a few things to make it easier to assemble.

  3. Raul

    i just finished the head, but it seems the ears and earrings dont really match, either way i just glued them in place
    I cant really make the neck fit the head, there isnt a place where you can insert it.
    IT really is difficult, just because of that part.

  4. xomeishaxo

    i started workin on this princess a few weeks ago and every night when my children go to bed i sit and stare… stuck on this pesky princess please help!! i tryd to download your link but cant seem to open this pdo file? please please help im making a buch of these guys for decorations at my sons 5 birthday ( mario themed!) heeeeelp!

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