I can’t imitate the sound that a Koopa makes, although I’d love to do that right now! This brilliant papercraft, made by the well known Icthus7, is now available for building! I’m pretty sure it’s a lot bigger then the Lakitu papercraft, and this one actually has wings and feet. He can also hold a tennis racquet (Which means he is ripped from Mario Tennis) but if you don’t feel like giving him, then nobody will force you. No Really.

By Icthus7


  1. Anonymous

    I recently posted Ithus7’s Yoshi and Luigi at /po/ you may want to post those as well.

  2. Drummyralf

    Thanks, I will soon. The reason I don’t post them right away is to make sure every papercraft has the time to stand as the first post for a while. In this way, no papercraft will be overlooked by the visitors.

  3. Anonymous

    Actually if it has wings it is usually a Koopa Paratroopa. That’s what I read on one of my Super Smash Bros games. I think……

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