Paper Mario Automata

Well, this is a first-timer on NP. An Automata! When you rotate the lever, Mario will jump up and a coin will come out of the box! Awesome!

This great piece of enginering is, as designer ddi7i4d puts it, “more a ‘tech demo’ than a real model, to test if it works (it does, btw^^)” so we can probably expect more of these in the future!

The craft might look complicated with all that mechanisms, but it shouldn’t give you any big problems :)

Download the model now!

By ddi7i4d


  1. Christina

    Wow! this is amazing! i’m happy someone broke the ice on movable nintendo papercrafts. maybe you’ve started a trend, ddi7i4d! :)

  2. wobuffet3

    can u add a PDO? I’m havind trouble! ._. Also, I call the ? box “The Box of the Undead” I’m not sure why, though…

  3. Torry

    Hey… i have a problem with the two sticks because, in the bottom of it they don`t fit to the red part… i can`t make them fit…do you have any picture of how sticks should look at the end?
    Thank you very much…

  4. Anonymous

    I printed this model long ago and finally started on it today.
    I just finished the mechanical part and its not working, I kinda figured it wouldn’t since I used flimsy paper, but the red part on the inside is actually too big and hits the triangular pipes.
    Also, the angle on the red part inside seems too steep, bending the triangular rods forward instead of pushing them upwards.

    So either I made more mistakes then I’m aware off or this model needs a bit of tweaking.

    Anyway this is one of the coolest paper-crafts I’ve seen, so i hope it gets updated :3

  5. Anonymous

    Ah, I love this! My engineering class just made paper machines like this, and we had to create our own “creative enhancers” . I wish I had done this! I’m going to make it anyways though, just because it’s so cute. Thanks so much for the pattern!

  6. hunjii32

    i think you need better instructions. plus im making it rite now and idk how to make the axle. missing page??

  7. Anonymous

    Such an amazing model – shame the instructions are so poor, I can’t figure out what I’m supposed to be doing :/

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