Owl Statue

I just got some complaints yesterday that there hasn’t been a Zelda papercraft for quite some time. That’s why I decided to post this right away when I saw this: The Owl Statue!

Owl statues are first seen in Link’s Awakening, where they are found in various locations across Koholint Island. Link is able to approach the statues and receive information of varying degrees of usefulness.

The owl statues in Termina are said to be carved in the likeness of Kaepora Gaebora. Once Link has learned the Song of Soaring, he can activate the statues with his sword and use them as warp points to travel throughout the realm.

Download here!

by Frozen_Fish, info from Zeldapedia


  1. Anonymous

    What’s the password for getting into the Pepakura file?

    And if it isn’t given, then why the hell include it with the file?

  2. Anonymous

    How are we supposed to create this?
    There’s text all over the parts that we are going to fold, going to look ugly.

    Or are we supposed to move the printable parts away from that text you added? Kinda silly.

  3. Xenon

    Hi, sorry I’m not sure what the problem is.

    The quality of the template isn’t great compared to recent models but I can’t see where any text overlaps on the JPG or PDO.

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