Ordon Shield

From the Nintendo Papercraft forum we have the Ordon Shield.

The Ordon Shield is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It is the first shield Link receives and is a wooden shield. It is, therefore, flammable, much like the Deku Shield. It, along with the Ordon Sword, was originally crafted as a gift to the royal family of Hyrule. (Info from Zeldapedia)

The download pack includes building instructions and the PDO has been left unlocked so you may resize it.

Designed by Vert092.

Download HERE.


  1. Anonymous

    on page 4 it says to cut a bigger flap so should i or should i not??
    does it really make it easier or does t make no difference at all??
    just askin :0

    btw copy and paste this if u want
    < ('-'<) (^'-'^) (>‘-‘)>
    hehehehe its kirby hehe XD

  2. Anonymous

    ta bueno gracias yo traduci la pagina y la deje en marcadores porque soy de chile pero me podrian dar las intrucciones de dekulink

  3. Anonymous

    gracias estan muy buenos soy de chile y tradusi la pagina y la deje en marcadores jejejeje deberian aberla puesto en 2 idiomas bueno chaoooo

  4. Drummyralf

    If your browser is having trouble downloading rars, and is opening them as text instead, try right clicking the “here” on this post and then click on “download file”

    You might want to try ctrl clicking it too. Works in most browsers (or option click)

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