OoT/MM Armos

Armos are recurring enemies in the Legend of Zelda series. They typically pose as a statue or suit of armor, but they attack when touched or approached. In most games, they appear to be animated statues or suits of armor that are not actually living beings. Armos in both of these games mostly appear in dungeons as gray, aged statues. They look virtually the same as regular inanimate statues, the only differences being that actual statues can be pushed around, but Armos attack when approached, and have a cracked pattern on their backs while statues do not. However, these cracks are only visible when the Armos is in pursuit of Link. A single Bomb, or one hit from the game’s most powerful sword (Biggoron’s Sword in Ocarina of Time, or the Gilded Sword in Majora’s Mask) will destroy an Armos. In Majora’s Mask, Armos only appear in the Stone Tower Temple.~info from zeldapedia

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Designer: Paperlegend
photo by paperlegend