Okamiden Chibiterasu

I hope you’re as excited as I am for the upcoming Okamiden for the Nintendo DS, because today I bring you my new model: Chibiterasu! We already published a simpler version by ddi7i4d (you can find it by browsing the “other” section), so now you can choose between two models! Or you can build both!!!
Are you ready for this Okami sequel? Do you expect it to be as good as its predecessor? Think about it, and in the meantime, downolad the template! :3

You can download the template from this page (the dl pack contains 2 pdo -A4 and Letter- and 4 pdf -A4 and Letter; both lined and unlined-)

Designed by Lyrin-83


  1. pokegirl170

    please make a TV and put it on either OTHERS or CONSOLES please!!! I want to pretend to lay wii with my paper wii on a paper tv :) if you can then yay! but if you can’t well…maybe next time? thx bye!!!

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