There are currently 2 Ocarinas available:

One thing I really dig in the game Ocarina of Time are the catchy songs you can play with the Ocarina. I really am amazed that the composers made so many different tunes with just a few notes. This Ocarina might not be able to produce tones, it will look pretty cool in your papercraft collection. It’s just one page. You know you want it!

Note that the holes should probably be cut out one by one and glued on the ocarina after it is finished. So that black piece of paper with the white holes are the holes for the ocarina.

Ocarina of Time
Ocarina of Time lineless

Nintendo64 Ocarina of Time
Nicole Lozano made a life-size ocarina! Well, to be honest, that isn’t really that big. The ocarina of Link is about 15-20 cm long 😛

Anyway, I think this one is cooler then the previous one I posted. This one also has the right textures (the holes) and even has a guide of how to make it! Can it become even better then this?

Ocarina Papercraft

By Nicole Lozano


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